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Have you rejected by something? Was it hurting your feeling? Love, work, career, social life. Rejection is painful. How rejection doesn’t hurt when I put everything on it? Sometimes, feeling rejected came without warning. Although it was weird, although it was sad I somehow cried, because it was so painful. Sincere is hard being patiently endlessly.

For the first time in my life, the rejection was not painful like usual. I’ve never been this sincere. Maybe I old enough to feel this kind of rejection, maybe I didn’t set my hope too high, maybe I accept every condition that will happen. For the first time, my ego and ambition didn’t work like used to. Rather than sad or being hurt, I feel grateful. A couple of tears fell down because it was sweet. I was brave enough to face the rejection, this feeling isn’t like me. I thought about the rejection with a clear face until became blurred.

Every moment of rejection,
Every little moment that I wish that I was stronger.
Every little moment of despair
Every little word that loses meaning in the air
Every little voice that goes unheard
Be brave.

Life is like theater. We are assigned a role. If we don’t like a role, keep in mind that we have the power to re-create a role we want. even though is hard and tough, patience is the only one we have. We pray as we plan and we ask Allah for help, and Allah knows best. When you’re following the light and your heart is open wide, the answer will guide you further.


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