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It’ll be alright

We often live in anxiety. While forgetting about the fact that it too shall pass. We worry about the future that it’s not here. We waste our energy on stuff that’s not important. How to comfort ourselves? Another day is here, I wake up and make my bed even though I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. I make a warm cup of tea, sit with my feelings~

Big and small problems have happened to me. They are taking my time away. I’m worried that I might get burned out. Cleaning is as good as working out. I clean so I can forget, being diligent is not the key to everything. It does not always guarantee a good result. Is guess that’s why it’s hard. We already know very well that worrying will not solve anything.

I often go out with my friend only to have a good meal. I noticed it could help me to reduce my stress when I’m feeling down. ¬†Because it makes me feel like I’m taking a break from daily routines, sometimes, the monotonous of life will come to our life. It’s fine to go out for your daily routine. Eating and chatting with my friends is another way to comforting my self. Chatting with them endlessly. I’m sure there is something that can prove it. Just by talking to my friend, I’ve already solved my problems of the day. Don’t worry about it alone. Even though it’s tough right now, that too shall pass. We should all worry less. Often the more complex problem, the more simple the answer. One by one, the problem that has been bothering us will be solved or becoming faint. If you’re currently struggling, it means you’re doing something significant to you, and it implies you’re working very hard.


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