Afraid is not always be accompanied by a decision in the end. Regardless of how difficult it is, there is still a small voice that echoes in the heart. Be brave or be afraid. Often I become fearless of my fears or fear of my courage. It works together to form self-protection that even without us knowing it often happens. Feelings, it is usually carried everywhere. Or logic of thought?

Too many choices also trap. Difficult to guess or answer what is appropriate and inappropriate. As bold as anything, in the end, there is another feeling that envelops. That’s how it called emotions. Often it is blamed or used, forgetting when it should be a friend in life.

The emotions of life in everyday life bring us where it should beā€”making it a story that will always be stored and remembered. Many typical people who make it different. Are Emotions is something that we can control or humans that can be controlled by emotions. Nobody can ever guess.

Like emotions in anger, sadness that is sometimes unbearable, or happy that is difficult to express all have their respective places. Or like us? Difficult to guess how my emotions and your emotions become one until we forget how to make it indeed sentiment.

Maybe, the way we have not met yet.
Feeling weak and unworthy like that,
This time I was not too fond of it.


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