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24 to life

“The more you get older the more things you might realize”

Why I’m talking about habit right now? it’s my 24 year anniversary of being alive. I just realize right now I’m 24 and I must take care of the whole of my life. For me, it starts with a habit. Habit? Yes. Consciously or not our lives are affected by habit. Is there a good habit or bad habit, it depends on your choice.

In the past of 23 years of my life, many things that I’ve done with a good or bad habit. Even though I know a good habit will bring us to a good opportunity and a bad habit will bring us to feeling regretful, I still do both of it.

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Recently I found myself feeling so emotional, sometimes many things came to my mind and made me so difficult to express it. I lost my enthusiasm for everything. Woke up in the morning and feeling so blue, I ate my breakfast with a full of sweet things, a slice of bread with strawberry jam and a glass of chocolate milk. Skip my lunch, have junk food for my dinner, and sleep at 2 am. I do it repeatedly.

How damaging is that?

I gain weight, have acne, my belly is not a good looking again, I got stress with my research, feeling so sleepy during the class, I’m lacking confidence and sometimes I just think, is that you? And when the day my birthday came, I just realized why I became like this? is not good, you just ruin your body and is not just about the body but your personality too.!!! I started feeling regretful with my habit recently.

After that, I just recall the memory, why I like that? Do you think is it a good habit? I know have a bad habit will bring us to regretful and will make us feel so depressed. Even we already know why we still do it?

“We act like we know everything but actually we nothing”

OK. Slap my face with those quotes and please don’t act like you know everything. I repeat that quotes in my mind and got the meaning from those quotes.

“Building a habit is hard. Being persistent is also hard”

I love myself, I love my body, I want to have a good life, good health, and good emotions. So, why not I change a little about my habit? cause I know it will be hard if I change everything at the same time. I Just start from a simple habit but can give a big impact on my life and I try to believe it.

Go to sleep earlier and have 8 hours of sleep!!

The first time I tried to get to sleep earlier it seems so difficult. A little bit strange with these improvements, but it only 3 or 4 days for me and currently is not difficult again. I find my self-feeling energizing in the morning, I can control my mood swings, I have a lot of time, I can be more productive, and I think I have a big impact with only change my sleep habit.

Don’t make your body feel hydration!!

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Drink a glass of water can boost my energy. When I feel so sleepy during class or in my laboratory I just take a glass of water. It can help me to reduce the negative thing in my body. I try to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day and I find it can help me to solve my digestive problem. When your body feeling hydrations some function in your body can’t work in an effective way. I lost 3kg of weight with this habit in one month.


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I’m not an expert with yoga or meditation. I think everyone has a different meaning about meditate. Meditation for me is like how to communicate with My God, communicate with my body, my soul, and How can I control myself. I learn how to control my emotions, I try to control everything in my body. I stop counting, stop overthinking, and just do it.

And the last thing is back to the quotes that I mentioned before. Building a habit is hard. Being persistent is also hard. I know everything will be hard but why not we change our bad habit. I want to have a healthy soul and healthy body, I have the reason why I need to do it. Because nobody knows more about us than ourselves.

This is my gift for my birthday. So, what is your simple habit?

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